We navigate clients through the range of options to create solutions that help achieve the goals of the enterprise.

OutsideInsight™ e3 Financial™'s unique approach to client service

e3 was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to protect their greatest investment - their enterprise. e3 serves its clients as a peer and partner, colleague and ally.

With unsurpassed knowledge of our industry and yours, we provide insight, planning, products and tools that enable our clients to challenge the status quo, create opportunity and settle for nothing less than the best.

Our goal is to be the most trusted and passionate provider to entrepreneurs of an extraordinary experience that protects their financial investment. We love the stimulation, challenge and sense of accomplishment we receive from working with executives and the employees in which they invest, to achieve better lives and brighter futures.

Our teams mirror the drive, passion and integrity of our entrepreneurial clients and are designed to meld with the client's personality, geography, and business needs.


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Strategic resource allocation keeps your focus on core competencies

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Secure ownership ensures the continued success of the company

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